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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our New Castle

Finding the perfect housing has seemed like a search of desperation for Kent and I.  We have spent the last couple months trying to figure out where in the world we were going to live.  We are very picky about our home...our requirements; enough room to walk, stand, and sit, some sort of heat, a stove, a bathroom, and under $500 a month.  We happened to get lucky enough to find exactly what we wanted!

Our new place is culturally diverse, it is called Tenda Rossa.  We are expecting fiestas every night.  This lovely apartment offers all these wonders with several additions, a washer and dryer and (drum roll please....) a dishwasher!!!!  I never realized the importance of dishwashers but in our nearly seven months of marriage we have yet to experience anything but hand washing our dishes.  Needless to say, we are excited to just push that button and BAM the dishes are clean!

Another lovely feature of our soon to be new home is that it is right across the street from the Snow building!  That is the music building and Kent practically lives there.  When I say right across the street, I mean RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

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The building on the right with the red Jeep-looking thing in front is our new apartment and the doors on the building to the left are where I pick up and drop off Kent every day! Just ignore the marker...I don't know how to get rid of it!

 Finding this place was the biggest blessing...I had never paid attention to this place before.  One day while dropping Kent off, I happened to glance its direction.  I immediately called the number.  We had applied to an apartment with this agency before so they already had an approved application along with the application fee on file.  It had just gone onto the market that day and I was the first person to call on it.  It was ours!

Here are some pictures...we haven't been inside yet so you know as much as we do! This is the "Before" section of the Before and After pictures. 

The lap of luxury
Living room, maybe!? It's just a one bedroom...I don't know!
Our bed is blue's meant to be!
A kidding!

The next day they called me back and told me that they did not actually have an application from us and they had someone else sign up for it.  just was just mad and gave up.  Kent is my hero, he jumped into action and pulled up our bank statements, made a few phone calls, and made them give the apartment back to us! 

We are excited even though it won't be until the middle of April that we get to move in.  In the meantime, we are blessed enough to be staying with Grandma and Grandpa Hendricks.