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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life has been crazy for Kent and I for the last several months...

I am pregnant!  Everyone who would read this blog probably already knew that but I am just a little slow in posting.  I am due August 17 and Kent and I are so excited!  We already love our little girl so much.  She is a wonderful and healthy baby who likes to kick and wiggle around all the time.  She either loves or hates music because every time I go to one of Kent's concerts, she kicks like crazy!

9 weeks
Our little girl at 20 weeks
Me at 21 weeks

Another exciting thing in our lives was that I graduated from BYU-I!!!!  After a long four years I earned my Bachelor of Science in Sociology!
Hmm...maybe I should have ironed my gown!
Kent finished the semester with straight A's and headed off on tour with BYU-I Sound Alliance (the school Jazz band).  They were gone for two weeks and spent one week in the Dominican Republic and the second week in Puerto Rico.  He was gone a little too long for me but he had a blast!

Right now I am working and Kent is going to school.  This semester is a whole lot less busy than any other semester we have ever had and we are really enjoying our time together!  I just know our next couple months are going to be just as exciting!!!!