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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It has been so long since I posted anything; I knew the second I started a blog that I would struggle with consistency.  The symbolic internationalist inside me would say that I doomed myself from the beginning, to make me feel better, I'll just say it I was being a realist! 

Kent and I are doing well.  I am nearly finished with my second to last semester and Kent has been enjoying his break, lucky guy!  Even for having the semester off Kent is somehow the busiest person I know.  He has entered several concerto competitions, became the lead teller at Wells Fargo, did a recording of a song, and is getting a lot of practicing done.  I hope I am never as busy as he is, but I do appreciate how hard he works for our family. 

It kind of looks like she is trying to get his autograph

Besides all that boring stuff, Kent and I have found our new thing...Hunting!  We love hunting with his family and go as often as we can.  I am still working on getting my hunting license so for now I just tag along and hope everyone else gets something.  But next year, I will be the mighty hunter slaying beasts left and right!!!  For now it is just nice to have something to go do with my husband!

Us after an exciting morning of hunting
On a whim, my long locks of hair have been cut down to nothing.  After five years of growing it out, I decided I needed a change.  I was walking home from a tour of the Rexburg jail and passes a salon, it was hot, and I had some belated graduation money in my pocket; I walked in and said "chop it off".  Poor Kent was the reason I grew my hair out in the first place and he came home to find me looking like a sheared sheep!  Since then, it has gone from short to ultra short!

Ultra short
Kent and I just found out that we have to move again.  BYUI bought our apartments and plan on knocking them down SO it's onward and upward!  We have found a place to live (hopefully!  We will find out this week).  This place is being converted from a hotel into married student housing.  I had seen this place a little while back and got a feeling that we were should live there if we had to move.  When I told Kent about it, he wasn't nearly as excited as I was and told me "If we HAVE to move, we can live there".  Little did he know that it was actually going to happen! 

I'm not going to lie, it's the pool that I am most excited about!

It's a little small but it will work!
We have to be out of our apartment on December 31 so hopefully, we will be able to just move right in to this new apartment.  For now we will keep enjoying our lovely spacious apartment and look forward to living in the apartment with a pool!