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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our New Castle take 2

This is the "After" part of our new apartment posts!  We were so thankful to finally get moved in!  A big thank you goes out to Dad, Jess, Tyler, Dennis, Seth, and especially Mom for helping us move!  It made the process way less miserable! Here is a walk-through view of our lovely apartment.

Kent and I were talking about how cool it would be to own a house with we have about 20 of them!!!
I love having a kitchen! I've cooked almost every night that we've lived here
I LOVE the shelf for my cookbooks!
Notice how the bed slopes; Kent sleeps with 100 blankets and I sleep with 1

Living Room
I love the shelves built in to the wall
The living room is actually another bedroom so I put the bookcases and TV in the closet and it looks like that how it was supposed to be!
Our lil bathroom
We also have the furnace room for the building and it has a washer and dryer in it...this is the more creepy part of our apartment!

Notice the old laundry chute
The furnace room is also know as Kent's closet (we also keep my church & winter clothes in the pantry!  There's not a lot of hanger space here!)
Our apartment really feels like home and we are thankful to be living in such an awesome place!  Ok, the BEST story of our new place;
Our first night here we were a little creep-ed out about the place and we found this picture in one of the cupboards.  We decided that she was tragically murdered and buried in the laundry makes for a good ghost story!

I apologize if this happens to belong to any of you...